We are Divine by Katherine Looney

Day 21 — Poster posted on February 20, 2024

Katherine Looney

Pronouns: she/her
Located: Kansas City, MO

Tell us about yourself:

Katherine Looney (she/her) is a 34-year-old Black and Native American visual artist living in Kansas City, Missouri. She usually works with oil paints when creating colorful portraits. Many of her works are based on photos she has taken of her friends and family. She was a part of Charlotte Street Foundation’s 2023 Artist INC cohort. She is currently working on her first solo show. Katherine has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

What is the inspiration behind your poster design?

Divine means “of, from, or like God or a god”. This made me think of the beautiful stained glass windows I would admire at different churches growing up. I wanted to create a design that depicted our natural hair as the focal point with an angelic twist.

Why do you love being creative?

I love being a creative because I’m given the flexibility to experiment. Opportunities for new ways of creating really excite me. You can always start over and try something new.

Tell us about your experiences in the design world…

As an emerging artist, I love the support I am receiving from my community as I grow my passion into a practice. From helpful advice to promoting my work, I have made many meaningful connections amongst other Black creatives in the process.

How can we create a more inclusive design world and ensure that Black people are represented?

Advocacy and opportunities provided from gatekeepers would definitely ensure our work continues to be represented and pushed to the forefront.

In general… How can we make more equity or equality for us?

I believe giving us a platform to express ourselves freely is always a great start when talking about equity and equality. With our art and voices historically being silenced, providing space for visibility promotes creating for generations to come.

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