Unity by Ace Vidal

Day 4 — Poster posted on February 3, 2023

Ace Vidal

Pronouns: She/Her
Located: New York, NY

Tell us about yourself:

Just a young creative finding her place in this world! I’d like to think I’m embodying the “jack of all trades, master of none” ethos, as I enjoy anything that requires me to get my hands dirty, the brain cogs going, the occasional macaroni art, making stuff that absolutely kills my laptop, and being around people places and things that inspire me as a creative.

What is the inspiration behind your poster design?

The word “UNITY” immediately took me to the idea of “community”. Growing up in Washington Heights in NYC, I’ve always seen beautification attempts being made in our communities, but not enough efforts to include the creative and artistic visual cues native to being in the hood within that beautification process. The style of graffiti has always been a visual staple in my neighborhood, which inspired the style I chose for this work, but in a way, it’s also a nod to other inconspicuous graffiti and mural-based artists who aren’t necessarily known for their creative contributions (because it’s usually illegal to “vandalize”), and I’d like to shine a light on that kind of communal disconnect and create unity between these communities respectively.

Why do you love being creative?

There isn’t a single endeavor in my day-to-day that doesn’t require me to be creative and think of new ways to reach a solution, get something done, or convey a message. It’s a characteristic I’ve always been keen on, and I love discovering all the curious attempts to get to final results that will sometimes surprise me and teach me something new, whether that be artistically, practically, mentally, etc.

Tell us about your experiences in the design world…

I personally try to surround myself with just as much design and artistic inspiration and success stories from a variety of cultural backgrounds so that I don’t feel singled out or hopeless about someone like me not being successful in the design world. I do my best to focus on how I can make the best contribution possible in whatever spaces I’m in, rather than focus on the lack of other individuals that look like me so that when there is a breakthrough moment on my part, someone can say that an Afro-Latina woman contributed to that, and hopefully inspire others to blast through social hurdles and do the same. If they can do it, why can’t I?

How can we create a more inclusive design world and ensure that Black people are represented?

Just continuing to highlight more Black and Brown people in design and in all the niche facets of the design world, especially through bigger design platforms like the AIGA. Show off the diverse group of people BEHIND the idea as well as the creation so that people are aware of all of the collaborative efforts between the brains and the hands of all these projects in the design world. Lastly, pour into your communities! So many Black and Brown creatives are out there just looking for the resources and the chance to flourish in their artistic ability so we need to just keep giving everyone a chance whenever possible. The inclusivity will solve itself and people will always show up.

In general… How can we make more equity or equality for us?

Teaching young creatives how to advocate for themselves in this world professionally (talk the talk, and walk the walk man.) and teaching them how to seek opportunities and how to make themselves be seen because not everyone will have the luxury of opportunities falling on their laps. Also focusing our energy on uplifting ourselves and working on bettering our craft, our minds, and our communities as the ripple effects from doing so will be an overall net positive and will eventually continue to create more opportunities to break out into spaces of our own, rather than breaking into spaces that are inundated with the “next best thing” which can be daunting to compete with. Create your own space, and play by YOUR own rules.

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