Fi’ Di Culture by Phil ‘Sike Style’ Shafer

Day 14 — Poster posted on February 13, 2023

Phil Shafer

Pronouns: he / him / his
Located: Kansas City, MO

Tell us about yourself:

Phil Shafer, aka Sike Style, channels his creative energy in many ways. For over 20 years, he has run his successful art business; Sike Style Industries. After graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute in photography, his creative practice now includes fine art paintings, 2D design and print graphics. His love of street art and graffiti has led him to community and corporate projects as a muralist. In 2017, Shafer was awarded the KC Urban Hero Award, showcasing his desire to transform bland or vandalized surfaces with colorful, positive and uplifting imagery that inspire and create dialogue. When working with clients, Shafer is able to blend his style with brand standards to create welcome and vibrant artwork for offices, living spaces and schools alike.

What is the inspiration behind your poster design?

My poster is inspired by my trip to Kingston, Jamaica, in 2018, the people we met, and the mural we painted.

Why do you love being creative?

My creativity has allowed me to be self employed and nothing gives me more joy than being my own boss.

Tell us about your experiences in the design world…

I get to highlight black, brown and bi-racial athletes for major brands.

How can we create a more inclusive design world and ensure that Black people are represented?

Keep speaking up in conversations. Don’t call out people but call them in. Speak directly to those in power when you have the opportunity.

In general… How can we make more equity or equality for us?

Understand that your voice is unique and there isn’t just ONE black voice.

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