Do the Right Thing by Black Childish

Day 28 — Poster posted on February 29, 2023

Black Childish

Located: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tell us about yourself:

I am Black Childish (Mickaël Mehala), a Martinican (French Caribbean) illustrator based in Amsterdam.

I love to create colorful stories around playful characters inspired by my caribbean background, hip-hop music or pop culture.

I am a multidisciplinary artist: I enjoy mixing techniques, mediums and styles, and expanding my work from digital 2D illustrations to 3D, animation and murals.

What is the inspiration behind your poster design?

“Do The Right Thing” was my phrase, a direct reference to Spike Lee’s movie. I immediately got excited and inspired by it because it is such a classic movie with iconic moments/elements from the 90’s and Hip-Hop culture. I rewatched it, and noticed that the whole story happens in a very single neighborhood of Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, almost in only one street.

A lot of things happened in such a small street, and that is what I tried to depict in my illustration. In my design, you can see many elements that are part of the story and became pop culture because of the movie’s impact.

You can see Mookie, the main character of the movie, laying down in that street, surrounded by all those elements, as if he was powerless against his own environment, and as if he was only an observor. But he is as tall as a giant, in a way to say that, if one person decides to do the right thing, it can change a lot, and make them bigger than life.

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