Black Fist by Duane Doku

Day 20 — Poster posted on February 19, 2023

Duane Doku

Pronouns:  he/him
Located: Richmond, VA

Tell us about yourself:

Hello, I am a Virginia based artist currently located in Richmond, VA who is a co-owner and acting art director for The Spot Rva. I began drawing at the age the 3 and kept at it ever since.

What is the inspiration behind your poster design?

The African word sankofa played a huge inspiration in the flyer’s design, when I was given the prompt/verbage “black fist” I immediately thought about the iconography’s behind that symbol. Not only is the fist representative of empowerment but also represents refuge and taking control of what was once lost, similar to the definition of “Sankofa” go back and get it.

Why do you love being creative?

Being a creative gives me an open space to express myself and help others express themselves as well.

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