Black Boy Joy by Nana Amfo

Day 33 — Poster posted on March 7, 2024 (Extra Innings)

Nana Amfo

Located: Lawrence, KS
Pronouns: He/Him

Tell us about yourself:

Growing up in Ghana and exploring different places has shaped my understanding of life experiences, intricately weaving them into my design journey. My brothers and I orchestrated diverse social events, sports activities, and leadership conferences. These initiatives provided a platform to create impactful campaigns, laying the foundation for my design trajectory.

Recently, residing in Lawrence, Kansas, and steering our lifestyle brand project (@alphagang__ on Instagram) enriched my comprehension of design in videography and graphic design. This hands-on experience has granted me a well-rounded skill set, equipping me with knowledge in these domains.

Being part of the KU design school not only enhances your skills in designing for clients but also emphasizes the significance of designing for the consumer. This approach enables us to meet the design goals of both corporate entities and consumers. As a well-traveled individual, I’ve garnered diverse experiences in the realms of sports, entertainment, and
various marketing domains.

What is the inspiration behind your poster design?

This design serves as a vibrant celebration of the joy and resilience embodied by black men, juxtaposed against the pervasive propaganda perpetuated by today’s media. It stands as a powerful symbol of defiance and empowerment, reclaiming narratives that have long been distorted or sidelined.

Through meticulous symbolism, such as the afro comb and diverse facial features, your design amplifies the richness and diversity of the black experience. Each element carefully curated to challenge stereotypes and highlight the multifaceted nature of black identity.

The afro comb, an iconic emblem of black pride and heritage, serves as a rallying symbol of cultural affirmation and self-expression. Its presence in the design speaks volumes, reclaiming spaces historically denied to black voices and perspectives.

Moreover, the juxtaposition of different facial features represents the kaleidoscope of experiences within the black community. It showcases the beauty of diversity, challenging the monolithic portrayals often perpetuated by mainstream media.

In essence, your design transcends mere aesthetics – it’s a statement, a manifesto of defiance against the status quo. It dares to confront and dismantle the harmful narratives that seek to diminish the joy and humanity of black men. And in doing so, it offers a glimpse of liberation and empowerment, inviting viewers to see beyond the confines of prejudice and embrace the full spectrum of black excellence.

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