Action by Sudie Wentling

Day 8 — Poster posted on February 7, 2023

Sudie Wentling

Tell us about yourself:

Sudie Akossiwa Wentling is a Togolese-American design director with experience in creative direction, branding, and concept development spanning digital to built forms. Visual storytelling and art curation are her superpowers. She began her career as an architect and transferred those skills to the digital space creating eye-catching visual content across all media for agencies, tech companies, and nonprofits. Photography is her current creative pursuit in storytelling.

What is the inspiration behind your poster design?

Action was my assigned word. There are so many different forms of action. I wanted to highlight the expressive and demonstrative kind. The kind that can be vocal and perhaps makes some feel uncomfortable in the face of truth. I used painter’s tape to create the word action. It was important for me to use my hands in the making of the poster to best capture the visceral expression I wanted to achieve.

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