Forward – A Letter from Chandler Johnson

A Letter from Chandler Johnson

December 3, 2023


Do you think that’s what Sisyphus said to himself as he rolled that bolder up that hill only to watch it roll back down?

However, I imagine being in an endless loop condemned for eternity to push a stinking boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down each time it reaches the near top, would leave you saying “forward” less and less. Progress is only as good as the forward momentum we make. When that momentum comes to a screeching halt or rolls backward, it becomes even more challenging to be motivated to push that metaphorical rock back up… Unless you have a community behind you.

Your family chants!
Your friends cry!
As all your allies and supporters encourage you to put one solid step in front of the other.

When this project first started, I didn’t really have a barometer for what success looked like. Don’t get me wrong… Like everyone else, my mind aimlessly wanders to grand illusions and what-ifs, but initially, I was just a guy rolling a dream up a hill. However, unlike Sisyphus, I’ve never been alone as I’ve made my steps toward the top. I’ve been very lucky to have a community that rallies when this trek gets tough and even steps in to push this project to new heights that seemed out of the realm of possibility.

I thank everyone, all the individuals in my life, past and present, and, more specifically, the people who elevated this progress just a bit further. What you are witnessing is a project that is no longer mine but a representation of all of us together and what happens when we work together.

We will get to the mountaintop.

So, let this letter remind you… that the summits you seek to reach are possible, especially if you have good people around you. So, grab your boulder, and let’s go! I’m here if you need me.

Forever moving forward,

Chandler Johnson