Welcome Educators and Mentors!

Embark on an enriching journey with your students at the Pick Progress Workshop – a celebration of art, culture, and empowerment! This unique experience, hosted at Johnson County Community College at the Fine Arts + Design Studio (FADS building), invites you and your students to delve into a world of creativity, inspiration, and meaningful expression. As advocates for education, we believe in the power of art to stimulate conversations about diversity, inclusivity, and togetherness. Join us in the Pick Progress Gallery, where your students can explore a showcase of extraordinary posters and afro-combs, each telling a story of Black culture and empowerment.

If you want to incorporate this engaging activity into your curriculum, we’ve prepared a comprehensive lesson plan guide for you (see below). Feel free to download it and use it at your discretion. By participating in the Pick Progress Workshop, your students will not only create unique art pieces but also contribute to a larger narrative of unity and understanding. Don’t miss this opportunity to inspire and empower your students through the transformative language of art!

Event Info:

Friday, February 23, 2024
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Johnson County Community College
12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210
Located at Fine Arts + Design Studio

Partners for the Pick Posters project:

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students can I bring?

You can bring as many students as you want! Currently, we have 30 slots for students. Depending on the level of interest from schools and students, we may open up more slots for additional attendees.

Is lunch provided?

Unfortunately, no. The event will conclude at noon, and lunch will not be available. Please plan accordingly.

Will they tour any facilities or stay in the gallery?

Students will stay in the Fine Arts + Design Studio building, which includes the gallery and classrooms.

Supplies required?

Students can bring sketches, preferred drawing tools, and their computer or tablet if they choose to create a digital poster. We aim to provide craft supplies and poster paper for the workshop.

Which types of art classes would benefit most?

Graphic Design, Digital Imaging, Sketching, and Painting classes are highly recommended for maximum benefit from the Pick Progress Workshop.

Tickets should be reserved by Coordinators, Instructors, and Teachers. Reserve tickets the number of tickets for ALL participants you are bringing to the workshop.

Lesson Plans

Dive into creative exploration with our Pick Progress Lesson Plans! Designed for high school and college classrooms, these comprehensive guides empower educators to engage students in meaningful discussions on cultural diversity, inclusivity, and creativity through art. Whether you want to enhance your curriculum or plan a workshop, our flexible lesson plans offer a rich and immersive experience for students and educators alike.

High School Lesson Plan

Transform your classroom with the Pick Progress lesson plan for high school students, designed to inspire creativity, celebrate cultural diversity, and promote inclusivity through a dynamic art project—empowering students to express their voices and stand in solidarity.

College Lesson Plan

Elevate your college classroom with the Pick Progress lesson plan tailored for advanced students, offering a sophisticated exploration of creativity, cultural diversity, and inclusivity through an engaging art project—distinctively designed for higher-level academic experiences compared to our high school lesson plan.

Pick Progress Gallery

The Pick Progress Gallery is a curated collection featuring over 70 posters created by Black artists worldwide. These posters are a visual representation of phrases of Black empowerment, contributing to a rich tapestry of narratives within the Pick Progress project. Additionally, the gallery showcases 31 different plastic afro-combs, each etched with empowering phrases, and offers a glimpse into the diverse perspectives shared by Black individuals through quotes from interviews. Curated by Chandler Johnson, the gallery provides an authentic portrayal of Black culture, celebrating creativity, identity, and resilience.

Pick Progress Posters

Discover the power of visual storytelling with Pick Posters! This unique collection features over 70 extraordinary posters created by Black artists from around the world. Each poster is a vibrant expression of Black empowerment phrases, capturing the essence of the Pick Progress project. Dive into this gallery and explore the diverse perspectives, creativity, and cultural richness that make Pick Posters a celebration of Black design and creativity.