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Welcome to Pick Progress Together – a collaborative initiative inviting creatives of all backgrounds, races, and identities to contribute their unique voices! While the original Pick Progress Poster series centered on Black experiences with Black artists, Pick Progress Together aims to unite artists of diverse backgrounds in a shared celebration of inclusivity and togetherness. We encourage you to join this movement by creating a poster that reflects your perspective on unity. Sign up today by completing the Google form, and we’ll provide you with a link containing all the details and requirements. Let’s come together through art to amplify diverse narratives and express the strength found in solidarity.

If you have any follow-up questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Note: The sign-up button will take you to a MailChimp form page.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t want to dim the light of the Pick Progress series.

We want to be transparent about our project priorities. The original intent of Pick Progress was to highlight the Black experience. While we wholeheartedly support and recognize intersectionality, we don’t want to dim the light of the progress we’ve made with our original intent. While Pick Progress Together shifts the focus to allyship, please understand that stricter parameters on compensation, visibility, etc., will be placed on this portion of the project to ensure the integrity of origins.


While we sincerely appreciate the commitment of artists like you, we want to be transparent about the fact that Pick Progress Together won’t be able to compensate for your contributions. Our primary focus is to pay the artists involved in the Pick Progress poster series, as we believe in fair remuneration for creative work. We understand that time is valuable and immensely grateful for your willingness to contribute.

This project aims to shed light on the underrepresentation of Black and POC designers in the design world. According to a statistic I recently came across on LinkedIn, in 2020, 85% of Graphic Designers/Art Directors were White. Whether you’re a Person of Color or not, participating in Pick Progress Together plays a crucial role in addressing systemic issues within the design industry. While we may not be able to provide financial compensation, your contribution helps amplify the voices and experiences of underrepresented designers, fostering a more inclusive and equitable design community. Thank you for joining us in this critical initiative.


We value the unique voices and perspectives of all creatives, regardless of background or identity. As part of our commitment to recognizing and celebrating artists, we offer an optional questionnaire. This questionnaire allows us to learn more about you, your experiences, and the inspiration behind your work.

Important Note:
While we highly encourage artists to complete the questionnaire for an enhanced opportunity to be recognized, we want to be transparent about our approach. We do not guarantee that all information provided in the questionnaire will be showcased, marketed, or communicated across all our platforms. We reserve the right to use the information at our discretion.

Your creativity and expression matter to us, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to amplify diverse voices in the creative community. Join us in shaping a narrative that reflects the richness of artistic diversity.

Give Pick Progress Together as a classroom assignment!

Dive into creative exploration with our Pick Progress Lesson Plans! Designed for high school and college classrooms, these comprehensive guides empower educators to engage students in meaningful discussions on cultural diversity, inclusivity, and creativity through art. Whether you want to enhance your curriculum or plan a workshop, our flexible lesson plans offer a rich and immersive experience for students and educators alike.

High School Lesson Plan

Transform your classroom with the Pick Progress lesson plan for high school students, designed to inspire creativity, celebrate cultural diversity, and promote inclusivity through a dynamic art project—empowering students to express their voices and stand in solidarity.

Note: The Pick Progress Workshop was only for high school students in the Greater Kansas City area to view the gallery in February 2024.

College Lesson Plan

Elevate your college classroom with the Pick Progress lesson plan tailored for advanced students, offering a sophisticated exploration of creativity, cultural diversity, and inclusivity through an engaging art project—distinctively designed for higher-level academic experiences compared to our high school lesson plan.

Note: The Pick Progress Workshop was only for high school students in the Greater Kansas City area to view the gallery in February 2024.

Some of the Pick Posters