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It’s time to celebrate the vibrant world of Pick Progress! Join us on February 22, 2024, at Johnson County Community College (JCCC) for an electrifying evening at the Pick Progress Gallery Celebration and Keynote. Get ready to be inspired as Chandler Johnson, Creator and Curator of Pick Progress, delves into the dynamic world of design in Black culture and the creation of this project. Following the enlightening keynote, immerse yourself in the lively celebration at the Pick Progress gallery, nestled in JCCC’s Fine Arts + Design Studio. Take a journey through over 70 striking posters, discover the empowering phrases etched on 31 plastic afro-combs, and engage with snippets from insightful interviews. This is an opportunity to celebrate creativity, identity, and resilience in Black design. Secure your tickets today and be part of a night filled with art, inspiration, and the joyous spirit of Pick Progress!

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Event Info:

Thursday, February 22, 2024
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Johnson County Community College
12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210

Located at the Hudson Auditorium in the Nerman Museum

Gallery Celebration:
Located at Fine Arts + Design Studio

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Located at the Hudson Auditorium in the Nerman Museum

Hudson Auditorium, located within the Nerman Museum at Johnson County Community College, serves as a versatile space for various events and presentations. Named after the college’s founders, the Hudson family, the auditorium features modern facilities and technology suitable for lectures, performances, and community gatherings. With a seating capacity of [insert number], the Hudson Auditorium provides a functional and well-equipped environment for diverse activities within the vibrant campus setting at JCCC.

Gallery Celebration:
Located: Fine Arts + Design Studio

The Fine Arts + Design Studio at Johnson County Community College (JCCC) is a dedicated space for artistic exploration and creation. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, this studio offers students and artists a conducive environment for various art disciplines, including painting, sculpture, and design. With its spacious layout and modern amenities, the Fine Arts + Design Studio at JCCC provides a dynamic setting for fostering creativity and innovation within the college’s vibrant academic community.

Note: Please reserve a ticket to help us plan accordingly for food, beverages, and seating.

About the Keynote Speaker

Welcome to the Pick Progress gallery! As you’ve landed on this page, get ready to embark on a unique journey through art and culture. Get a closer look at the over 70 dynamic posters, each a testament to the incredible talent of Black artists from around the world. Dive deeper into the Black experience with full interviews featuring over 30 individuals, sharing their stories and perspectives. Plus, go behind the scenes and witness the artistic process unfold, adding layers of meaning to the visual narratives. Pick Progress is not just an exhibit; it’s an exploration of diversity, resilience, and creativity within the Black community.

About the Gallery

The Pick Progress Gallery is a curated collection featuring over 70 posters created by Black artists worldwide. These posters are a visual representation of phrases of Black empowerment, contributing to a rich tapestry of narratives within the Pick Progress project. Additionally, the gallery showcases 31 different plastic afro-combs, each etched with empowering phrases, and offers a glimpse into the diverse perspectives shared by Black individuals through quotes from interviews. Curated by Chandler Johnson, the gallery provides an authentic portrayal of Black culture, celebrating creativity, identity, and resilience.

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