About Pick Posters

Pick Posters is a sequel project from Pick Progress in partnership with AIGA Kansas City and Babes Helping Babes. For this project, we invited more than 30 black creatives worldwide to design a poster representing a black empowerment phrase from the original Pick Progress series.

We’re excited to partner with two amazing organizations to help bring to life ‘Pick Posters. Despite the variety of awesomeness in this project, we first want Pick Posters to be a space of representation and a signal to show the design world that people of color are ‘out here.’ This series can also aid in the conversations about systemic inclusion problems in design. Essentially, we hope this project accomplishes three core goals: Awareness (recognition of Black artists/designers), Action (facilitating a way to compensate contributing creatives), and Education/History (highlighting the Black experience in design). We believe this is one small but mighty step in making changes to a space we love so much.

For more information about Pick Progress, visit the about page for the first series.

Partners for the Pick Posters project:

Special Thanks To Our Featured Creatives

Tawa Abiwa
Jasmine Ali
Naomi Antonino
Astro Boi
John Brown VI
Emily Carpenter-Monroe
Courtney Chase
Black Childish
Kareen Cox
Nisha Dent
Tia Diana
Duane Doku
Sandra Mawuto Dotou
Khyneesha Edwards
Danyelle Elysée
Jessica Epting
Amber N. Ford
Silent Fox
Tomekah George

Olivia Grant
Daniella Gyambibi
Marty Hillard
Mario Hounkanrin
Olivia House
D’Carlos Ikuomola-Andre
Leeya Jackson
Chandler Johnson
Oreoluwa Johnson
Melisa Kerr
Ebonie Land
Albert Marealle
Kristle Marshall
Jon Marzette
Mönika (Nikky) McCormick
Renee McKellar
Jess McKenzie

Hayley McMillon
Sam Meier
Karis Merritt
Madison Metivier
Solomon Michael
Gaebriel Min
Tobe Mokolo
Cody Moore
Reggie Perry
Sade Popoola
Alyssa Powell
Jamaali Roberts
Chris Robinson
Kevin Rooi
Erika Sakata
Katlyn Sartor
Ebony Sayles
Phil “Sike Style” Shafer

Abby Shobajo
Elizabeth Shular
Monique Steele
Betremariam Tebebe
Andrew Thompson
Tarrea Tolbert
Rae Tweed
Daniella Uche-Oji
Malika Victor
Ace Vidal
Precious Wallace
Aliya Walton
Jaina Warren
Lala Watkins
Sudie Wentling
Jennifer White-Johnson
Amy Williams
Anthony Williams


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Please direct all inquiries about Pick Progress to Chandler via kalimizzou.com or AIGA KC at programming@kansascity.aiga.org.


You can contribute your story to Pick Progress by filling out the form on the contribute page.

Pick Progress Founder

Chandler Johnson

Pick Posters Series Creators

Chandler Johnson

Gabi Moore

Kenzie Tubbs

AGIA Kansas City

AIGA KC is one of the largest chapters of AIGA, the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design – with more than 70 chapters and more than 15,000 members. It advocates for a greater understanding of the value of design and designers in government, business and media. AIGA inspires designers and the public by sharing the most exciting design work and engaging in thoughtful, provocative discussions on pressing issues.

Thanks to the AIGA KC team:

Ashley Tebbe
Kenzie Tubbs
Gabi Moore
Ellie Newlin
Jamie Keith
Carina White
Mason Barry

Andrew Sexton
Marie Baldwin
Lauren Tan
Sierra Hunter
Lisa Maione
Khyneesha Edwards
Mönika (Nikky) McCormick

And the rest of the 2022 -2023 AIGA KC Board Members

Babes Helping Babes

Babes Helpin’ Babes (BHB) is the creative industry’s go-to consultancy for illuminating and addressing problems of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Working with both company leadership and employees, BHB facilitates uncomfortable conversations around DEI through moderated company-wide classes, coaching, and consulting.

“Advertising agencies lack significant racial diversity, which should come as a shock to no one. Pick Progress highlights the DEI issues that have long plagued our industry while shedding light on the unique experiences of Black creatives. I’m excited for the conversations that will come out this month and I hope it can act as a catalyst for reflection and change as companies continue to make necessary DEI changes.” -Abby Kallenbach, Founder of Babes Helpin’ Babes

And, while the majority of U.S. industries struggle with diversity, equity, and inclusion, the creative industry is where our expertise and passion lie.

Thanks to the Babes Helping Babes team:

Batsheba Castro Martinez
Kasey Blizzard
Maddy Best

Abby Kallenbach
Randah O’Doherty